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Resolved! Pictrivia 15 - What type of failover is this?

What's Pictrivia?It's      a trivia presented as a picture - more picture, less words. If you     love  solving puzzles, racking your brains on brain teasers,you would     love  this one.Who can participate?It's open to all. You can participate on Fa...

morao by Beginner
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NAT on 2621 HELP!!!

I have spent a few hours trying to NAT out a few intenal 192.168.x.x hosts through both my ethernet1/0 interface and also tryed using another IP from the range. Any help GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! (Config below) Building configuration...Current con...

segillett by Beginner
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Resolved! Pnexp command on MARS

Hi guysI got a question about a step that I need to do before I upgrade the MARS (I'm going to upgrade from 6.0.8 to 6.1.5)•          Step 2 - Run the “pnexp” command to prepare & export a backup to an NFS or SFTP remote server.  You can export just ...

Network Admin departing

Im looking for a quick way to delete the admin's username and change the admin passwords on quite a few infrastructure devices. Does anyone know a good way to speed this up without having to hit each device? Im looking at terrterm pro but wanted to s...

SSH 2 Error

Guys,Have you ever seen this log? What does that mean?This log was exist when I tried to connect with ssh v2 to the Router with SecureCRT. And I couldn't connect to the Router.Jul 19 09:45:49.455 IND: SSH2 1:  Invalid modulus lengthThanks.

Forced NAT for dual ISP config

All,I've got an interesting situation, although I can't imagine it's unique.  We have 2 ISP's coming into a location terminating on 2 ASA's.One ASA is translating a /28 to a few internal web/ftp/miscellaneous hosts (basically our public IP presence f...

Trey Grun by Beginner
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MACSEC Manual Mode

What are the Details about Cisco MACSEC Manual ?How often are the keys changed ?What are the "Late pkts 9736" in the "show macsec interface" command output ?Why are sometimes BPDUs not processed (Loopguard messages) ?switch-005#show macsec interface ...

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