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Does anyone know how to clear these messages away ? Although the version is match on both IDS and CSPM, but I still see this warning in Command tab. I have 2 IDSM and IDS 4230. I use CSPM Ver 2.33i to manage them.WARNING MESSAGES Specified IDS Senso...

lathian by Level 1
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Resolved! access-lists

I have a question... or two... :) about access-lists.My current access-lists looks like the following:access-list acl_outbound permit icmp any anyaccess-list acl_outbound permit tcp any eq 80access-list acl_outbound permit...

The "canned" reports from the VMS 2.1 security monitor seem to be geared towards IDS reporting. I have a VPN concentrator, Host IDS agents, a Dial up 3600 series router, and a 515R PIX that are all sending syslog or "defautt" alerts to the VMS machi...

abanning by Level 1
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Is it possible to have 2 nat 0 entries for the same interface? For example:nat (vpntest) 0 access-list 113nat (vpntest) 0 access-list 115Hope this is correct. If so, I've answered my two previous questions in regard to implementing 2 VPN's on the sam...

I am trying to loadshare Appletalk over 3 equal paths. I understand I have to use the maximum-paths command, but I can only get one of the 3 T1's to come up and up for Appletalk. ("sho appletalk int brief shows the port up, protocol down.") Why won't...

We are installing a core consisting of two 6513 and two 6509's at the distribution layer, all running eigrp. The dist layer is redundantly connected to each core box which are also linked. HSRP provides failover. The design incorporates asymmetric ro...

wbrowning by Level 1
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