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IP inspect inbound on internet side

I have a customer who has an inbound ip inspect rule on the internet side of the router.....he also has an access-list on the LAN side coming into the router to prevent unauthorized people from getting to things.....there is an access-list on the int...

craneman by Beginner
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802.1X reauthentication retries

Hi Guys,Need a help..I am trying to implement the 802.1X .....I am facing a problem related to the authentication retires, the scenario is as follows;Windows7 Client ----> 3750 switch (12.2(55)SE)  ----> ACS5.2Below is the switch interface configurat...

sudheer by Beginner
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Secure Desktop Java Problem

Hi,I'm currently configuring and testing a Cisco Secure Desktop system on a ASA 5520. I have gotten it to run on win 2k and winxp. Sadly the win 2k desktop kept overheating so i had to switch to a new client. This had just received a clean windows XP...

Cisco Security Lab Setup

I am currently studying for my CCNP Security but will later move on to CCIE. I have the oportunity to get my hands on some very cheap 1841 routers now, but before I go buying stuff I would like to know what would be a good setup for CCNP Security stu...

Resolved! help with acl

I'm trying to block all traffic with the address port 25 from going out of a router.  All port 25 traffic is suppose to leave from a mail server on setup is a terminal server on and the mail server is 192.168...

jonl711 by Beginner
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Problem with "ip access-list" filter helper-address broadcast data on 2911 ios 15.1(3)T

Hello,On my original 2811 platform I used "ip access-list" to selectively filter udp broadcast data on several serial interfaces. That router was running 12.4.Now, it appears my new 2911 w/ 15.1(3)T IOS does not filter udp anymore when it is generate...

ntp server connection

Hello,have a problem connecting to the ntp server please see below:dslrouter#show ntp associations      address         ref clock     st  when  poll reach  delay  offset    disp ~          16     -    64    0     0.0    0.00  ...

Resolved! Re-image MARS 20 Issue

When I try to re-image my MARS 20 appliance with the recovery ISO downloaded from the CCO and I burn the ISO as it says when booting from the DVD it gets to the menu to select how I want to re-image and it locks up.  Has anyone ever seen this and how...

object-group acls

Hi,looking at the object-group based acls, and I can't quite understand how to configure destination ports properly.for example, i want to permit ssh through an interface....in the old days this would beaccess-list 123 permit tcp

simmo by Beginner
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