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I use a acl in my router to get violation information,IDS can work well,I canget any information I want in event view.(the acl number is 110)But,I set new acl in the same router on my vty line:access-list 10 permit 10 deny any...

c-fay by Beginner
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I am having an issue or brain fart. Not sure which. I am trying to NAT VNC traffic through a firewall. Looks like traffic goes in and not back out. I have a single class C public to a 10.x.x.x internal. I do get a match for ACL 111 It hits on tc...

knight by Beginner
  • 1 replies
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I am getting a large amounts of IP Fragment alerts from one ip address. I have identified this as a false positive and want to filter these events. I have gone into the filter tab on the IDSM and filtered alter 1003 Ip Fragmentation from the source...

wadeski by Beginner
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Does anyone know off any problems with WIN NT client dialup where you are unable to ping over 1500 bytes. We have a No. of NAS routers that clients dialup into & the VPDN tunnel is setup between our NAS & the clients HGW. What is happening is that ...

p.waller by Beginner
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