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Hi all,I have installed CSM 3.2.2 with the performance monitor version as 3.0.0.I have added the devices to Common Services. But i am not able to add any of the device to the performance monitor.I tried adding manually, from CSV file, From DCR. But c...

I run a LOT of "All Matching Sessions, Custom Column" queries, since they let me more quickly see the Host Pairs involved with an incident (and/or to see ALL of the host pairs matching certain criteria)Anyways, there are two options for having a colu...

clausonna by Participant
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I just have a general question here,I have a server that initiates a connection out to the internet to do a FTPS on port 990 I see the initail connection on port 990 happening but I don't see the data port 989 is the problem on the distant end or is ...

wgranada1 by Beginner
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I am wanting to see all events from any source IP to any destination IP using Port 80. When I attempt to create a query to find this information, I can only look for sessions and no data is reported. Is there a way I can find if there are any event...

Hello,I have the following issue on a Cisco 7201 Internet-facing router:TCP port 21 is open all the time and nothing stops it from staying open. There is no service started which keeps this port open, there is also an inbound ACL, assigned on the out...

kmilev by Beginner
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Does anyone know if SNARE can exclude logs to ship off to MARS? I have been trying but I cant find if its possible to do something like !7035 to exclude a specific event ID. They use a * to include all events, but I want an exclusion. Otherwise I ...

Hi Experts,I'm trying to create privilige level 10 which allow show running-config and all other shows. I applied the below configs on the console of a cisco 2821 and it works. I can see the config by doing more system:running-confg but it fail to wo...