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Detecting Conficker w/ MARS?

Hi there,I'm pretty new to Cisco MARS, so please bear with me. I have CS-MARS 4.3 deployed and I'm looking to create a report that we can use to identify users on our network that may be infected with the Conficker virus. I've tried creating a simp...

XenoPhage by Beginner
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swicthport security

Hi I have been trying to find out about solutions that will shutdown a switch port if a client does not have antivirus. I have heard mention of these kinds of solutions but I am not really sure were to start looking. I am just wondering if any of you...

Resolved! Two web servers

Hello all.We have an ASA5510 and we need to configure it to allow the following scenario:We already have acls and nat configured on ASA to provide access on our first web server (OUTSIDE => DMZ). It is working fine.Now, we have a web application that...

SDM on 7600 series

Hy,I have a 7609 and when logging with SDM v2.4 it says, it is an unsupported router.At: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/sw/secursw/ps5318/prod_installation_guide09186a00803e4727.html#wp37069I can't see the model, though I was wondering isn't the...

Logging questions

Hi all,I'm new to CS-MARS and I'm using CS-MARS 100 version 4.3.6 (2841).After I add a reporting device (a Cisco's switch), I tried to query to check whether the reporting device sending its logs to MARS, but all I get is Generic IOS Syslog message. ...

Resolved! ACL (SVI)

Can you advise how to setup the below ACL on a layer3 switch.Requirement:1. Block all telnet and ssh traffic in/out of VLAN 1002. permit all other trafficinterface vlan 100ip address

colmgrier by Beginner
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VPN3005 Reboots Itself

My vpn box has been rebooting itself several times last month, and I've been researching for a possible explanation or solution to this issue, but I couldn't find much information so far. Current IOS is vpn3005-4.1.7.Q-k9.bin, 21 Feb 20007.From the l...

Hieu Cao by Enthusiast
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