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Is there any way to export raw logs from CS-MARS or is the Query option (or the syslog relay) the only way to interrogate against any log data that is collected by CS-MARS?So for instance, I wanted to dump either all (or part based on date/time range...

redray8 by Level 1
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I am trying to think up a way of creating a report that would show devices that MARS hasnt received a log from in X days. I ran a report for all devices with the reporting devices ranked by session, and I noticed about 20 of my devices were not on t...


Experts: I need your help. We have Cisco Security Manager (CSM) installed in our production and added all production Firewalls. I haven't so much experienced to work on CSM and unaware about the functionality of CSM. As I know, we can manage all Fire...

ray_stone by Level 1
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I am running a pair of FWSM with version 3.2 code with multiple firewall contexts. I have one context set up as a DMZ (x.x.153.32/27)and another as an application vault (10.x.233.0.24). The DMZ has public address space and the App Vault has private. ...