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Hi, I need to block all MSN activity. I have an ASA and an IPS module over ASA. I enable all signatures related with MSN but it does not work for same machines that has configure an ISA Server as a HTTP Proxy. Do you know how I can do this block to g...

Hi,On a new network using a dynamic IP on the outside (WAN) I need to configure VPN access using an ASA5505. ASA5505 will connect to ftp server. This new network is isolated (standalone) from corporate network.Can VPN work? Or do I need a fixed IP on...

erichlee05 by Level 1
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Currently we are trying to use Cisco CSA in our production environment to eliminate the need for antivirus software that may slow down production servers. Though CSA is a great product, we have found it increasingly difficult to manage and maintain ...

Hi all,I've just installed a brand new Ciscoworks 1160 SIMS and while running through the initial CLI Setup and being able to SSH into the box. I cannot login into the web pages of SIMS ? I get the login, but is getting an "access denied" no matter w...

lkc by Level 1
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Hi,I tried installing cisco SIMS on an RHEL 3 AS machine, but had installation problems with Oracle 9i. Just wanted to know if the latest version of SIMS supports an Oracle10g database on Linux Thanks...Madan Sudhindra

I havew a Cisco VPN client installed, and was recently given a similar product from Netgear. I would prefer to use my Cisco client (duh!) but cannot import the setting from the so called .spd-file. The Cisco client can only open .pcf-files. Is it pos...

I have a problem when I'm connected via WebVpn Portal on my ASA 8.0(2) to access to my shared folder.If i use with my cisco vpn client install on my computer i can access to my shared folder.Have you ever meet this problem?