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Hello,Is-it possible to change de default port 22 for ssh connection in live VTY in a switch or router? The security department here change the port ssh 22 for fort 14555 for all ssh connection on the servers. They want to do the same thing for Cisco...

claude1968 by Beginner
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Hi, GuysWould you please help me with this case?When configuring spoke-to-spoke DMVPN with multiple hubs (GRE IPSEC EIGRP) what traffic should be permitted on the outside physical interface on a spoke router?!ip access-list еxtended CRYPTO-ONLY per...

Just added this as a monitored device. Unfortunately, test SNMP msgs aren't registering w/ MARS. A Raw Messages search doesn't show anything coming from the host. Is there some common SNMP thing I'm missing here for MARS or is my MARS box not handlin...

Hi all. I have configured vpn for users to remote access to 2 offices. I realised that when i could not vpn into officeB from officeA and vise versa.However i could vpn into officeA and officeB from home. I then added crypto isakmp nat-traversal 20 ...

donnie by Beginner
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