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Resolved! Logging

Hi.We have a very interesting problem. Using KIWI as a syslog server, we are trying to record each and every time a user logs into a pix or asa device and ALSO every command entered. Is this possible via programming on the security device OR MUST i...

netsec123 by Level 1
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Hi,I am trying something in a lab before we implement.We have a router at each end, behind a NATed CDMA router, and want to establish a layer 2 tunnel.The CDMA routers are connecting to a private network and I am port forwarding all ports to the rout...

scottyd by Level 1
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Dear all,Is there any way to apply the Single sign on the clean access without login to the active directory? By other mean; could we generate the Kerberos ticket to the CAS without login to the Microsoft active directory?Is there any intend to imple...

wmulla465 by Level 1
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HiI am working with an ASA 5510 Ver 7.2 When I send an wr net command I get a return error of %Error writing tftp://;int=inside (TFTP Error: File Open Error 3)I am using solarwinds TFTP server Ver 6.

goodwin-j by Level 1
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Folks, We are running the latest version of CatOS on our switches and trying to implement CCS(Package)solution. I see Mac-notification command in the CATOS,but I do not see linkup and Linkdown command for snmp in the CATOS, the compatablity m...

Can somebody explain me why and when (which event triggers this) I see in the debug dot1x events the following message :Jul 19 11:12:56.754: dot1x-ev:Received pkt saddr =0000.0000.0000 , daddr = 0180.c200.0003, pae-ether-type = 888e.0202.0000Q...

GVL by Level 1
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