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Below is the output I running "show access-list", there is no match numbers, does that mean actrually no traffic hit this ACL ??Extended IP access list 100 permit ip any host IP access list 101 permit ip any anyBecause I noti...

Hi,Recently on my servers I've been seeing some events generated by the Cisco Security Agent (4.5.1-616), which say:Illegal TCP reserved flags setI,ve attached one such log. Can someone say exactly what is wrong with this?

rnaydenov by Beginner
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Hi - Can anyone tell me if the Active/Active failover on ASA's require two router ports for the egress traffic? In other words, a path for each subnet of the two contexts? Or in the lowest form, can A/A failover work with a single port gateway router...

dprakken1 by Beginner
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I have created a Time-Based ACL, according to the documentation I have read I think I have it setup right, however everytime I enforce it. It blocks everything all the time for the router subinterface I configured it on. Any help would be great.Attac...

Is it possible to upgrade a MARS 50 box that's running 3.44 to 4.22 with an ISO image and not lose the devices that have been added to the configuration? I understand the sequential image upgrade procedure but am less sure about jumping a major revis...

pmccubbin by Contributor
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