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My system is returning a runtime error number 438 (object does not support this property or method.)when I try to lanch CCA. The login window never appears, rather this error. System is runing windows xp service pack 2. The system is runnig an amd tu...

I have been asked if it is possible to do something unusual with a range of IP Addresses.The request is for a range of addresses that, when used as destinations, all end up using a single IP as a destination. Sort of a backwards NAT.So if I send a re...

dfreemire by Level 1
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I have an ASA5510 and I am trying to set up a DMZ. Right now I am trying to have inside clients ping a host on DMZ it but with no luck. Any ideas? Here is the config:interface Ethernet0/0 description OUTSIDE nameif outside security-level 0 ip address...

george by Level 1
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I have a web and ftp server behing an 837 router.I have three access-list statements:access-list 120 permit tcp any host 100.x.x.x eq wwwaccess-list 120 permit tcp any host 10.x.x.x eq ftp-dataaccess-list 120 permit tcp any host 100.x.x.x eq ftpWhen ...

k.moser by Level 1
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Hi,I have run into problems configuring static nat on a ASA5510-K8 running software version 7.0(6).Hope I can solve it with a little help from the experts in here.I have a public subnet available.First IP is in use by the routerSecond IP is used for ...

On my Cisco Router, I do a nmap from outside on the Internet. The result is:" Interesting ports on *.*.50.1:Not shown: 1676 closed portsPORT STATE SERVICE23/tcp filtered telnet135/tcp filtered msrpc1524/tcp filtered ingreslock27665/tcp ...

fahim by Level 1
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