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Cannot remove access list

Hello,There is an access-list in my configuration which I for some reason cannot get removed.It looks like this:access-list acl-nw; 2 elementsaccess-list acl-nw line 1 permit ip object-group siteA-ip object-group siteB-ipaccess-list acl-nw line 1 per...

khuysmans by Beginner
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Best Security Method

I would appreciate any comments on this subject!I have a somewhat general question. I have a customer who will be implementing a web site for the registration of park district users. It will provide information but will also take credit card info s...

jgadbois by Beginner
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Intermittent activity

Hi I have two seperate cases: one of which involves a cisco VPN client and another an site to site IPSEC VPN, where an ESP SAS appears to be generated on the Dialer interface, an initial ping works, but subsequent ping requests time out. Could anyone...


I am attempting to access a server VIA webvpn. I successfully log into the webVPN and Application access starts up fine I choose the RDP server page, Type in the server and hit connect. After I hit connect I get an error in the bottom stating "Error:...

Access list questions

I have a PIX 515E running ver 6.3, and I want to allow my subnet of network to have access to server ( that’s sits outside of our internal firewall. Would the following command be correct? access-list 1 permit tcp host 10.60....

837 Easyvpn to 3015 query

I have an 837 that I'm trying to setup with Easyvpn back to a 3015. It is failing with the following:*Mar 2 02:13:41.817: ISAKMP (0:464): Encryption algorithm offered does not match policy!*Mar 2 02:13:41.817: ISAKMP (0:464): atts are not acceptabl...

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