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Hi All,  We're looking for managed patching for our switches, firewalls etc but we like to know how often we should be patching and upgrading our network devices?  How often does Cisco release critical and non-critical patches and upgrades?   Thanks,

Hi everyone   i hope someone can help me with my problem our customer network looks like :stack core switches ---- routers ---- Firewall --- internet mpls----Firewall---- datacenter in core switches 3 vlans are configured 1- vlan 16 for it.local2- vl...

Roza12 by Level 1
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Hi,  I have 4 router of 2900 Series and 4 switch of 2960 series, I want to make a online Lab , I mean is it possible that I can login into those online. I have only wifi router modem at home and a laptop . Can someone help me to make a online Lab . I...