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Resolved! nat

Hello, Just want to understand this syntaxs. How come nating from outside to outside outside to dmz? nat (outside,DMZ1) source static any any destination static obj-server1 FW11_NAT unidirectionalnat (outside,outside) source static DM_INLINE_NETWOR...

Unable to access internal servers using public IP address or DNS(Global) from inside

Hi, I have below configuration in Cisco ASA. object-group service Spark tcp-udp port-object eq 5222 access-list ISP-1_access_in extended permit ip any object Spark- object-group Spark object network Spark- nat (inside,ISP-1...

S.ashok S by Beginner
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CPU Usage on a WSA Appliance

Hello, I am currently monitoring the WSA-380 appliance.  The System Status shows CPU utilization to be around 20% while the Proxy capacity Proxy CPU Usage is 97%.  Can anybody tell me how to properly interpret these recorded percentages of utilizatio...

ASDM demo mode in Windows 7?

I downloaded and installed asdm-demo-631.msi. At the startup prompt, it says Cisco ASDM-IDM Launcher. I click Run in Demo Mode, but it errors out saying "Demo software is not installed. Please install demo software from             http://www.cisco.c...

KingSalmon by Beginner
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Code base in IOS vs IOS S

Hello, My question seems simple in nature, but I cannot seem to get a good answer anywhere. I am trying to document all CVEs that relate to a  given release of IOS (IOS 12.2 (40) SE in particular). After using Cisco's tool to find CVEs relating to th...

Certificate generation

I have a private key private.ppk ant want to generate a certificate using this key. Is it possible? cert type should be *.pfx, *.p12 or *.cer. I noticed that OpenSSL can work, but it requires an existing cert for input, but i have only a private key ...

eXPlosion by Beginner
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