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I have a 7204 with an ATM circuit carrying PVCs for our DSL subscribers. I have authentication working and the connectivity is good. However, I want to NAT the subcriber traffic coming into the router on the ATM circuit to a global IP on the Ethern...

jimb by Beginner
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Hello, I have tried to implement the emailalert.pl script to e-mail more detailed info. I can verify that the script works, it will e-mail me when the event rule is tripped, but the e-mail only contains the following: reported a severity alert at //...

PNTECH by Beginner
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Hey allI have a question about the filter scripts. i have to set up the ids to notify people by email about an event. The problem is they want to be notified by new events so old or events that have huge hits are excluded. My question is, is there a ...

twigboy05 by Beginner
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Does any know where I could find: 1.A sequence diagram to illustrate the sequence of events from the time the raw data is collected at the sensor interface up until the time the alarm is stored in the eventstore on the sensor.2.Data flow diagram from...

Hi,Could someone please advise me if nonces and Certificate Servers are the same thing and if not could someone please tell me the differences. Better still is there any literature on the Cisco site that I can read that explains the differences, if a...

we have remote users accessing internet from main branch , the remote office's are connected to main office through cisco 3600 route and main office is accessing internet through ISA server in DMZ .All user in main office are browsing internet throug...

I'd like an example of a technique to block all mail except a certain list for passing thhrough the 2600 series router. The list of included addresses is only about 150. Why?Mail bombing and spam pass untouched through the router and firewall and a...

admin_2 by Participant
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As I get older my ability to problem solve is diminishing rapidly!Due to a hardware failure in our previous firewall, dhcp, nat, etc. device, we were in need of a new one and everyone said "get a PIX 515E"! Well we got one and I'm having a bugger of ...

cbonthron by Beginner
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Hi , We have trend micro corporate edition for scanning for the anti virus for the desktop clients. We are procuring a PIX (515E) device as the firewall and as the VPN server. 1. Can we configure the PIX device to ensure that all the clients that rem...