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Clean Access Agent in Windows 8, 64 bit

Hey guys,

I posted this on another Cisco community site, someone there suggested I try here. He also gave me this page as a possible solution but I'm unable to download from the page as I don't have a service contract, I'm just a Dad trying to get his kid's computer online at school.

Kind of at our wit's end here. My daughter is at Mass Art in Boston with a nearly new computer (6 months old at most) with Windows 8 Pro and the Clean Access Agent isn't letting her connect saying she has no updated AV installed. However, we did have BitDefender installed and updated and I've seen BitDefender on a Cisco list on line somewhere, the tech department at the school also said that it should work. Thinking there might be a conflict with BitDefender and Windows Defender we uninstalled BitDefender but to no avail, the agent still won't allow access.

Now the tech dept. at the school is telling her she has to reformat her hard drive (Ha!!) which is simply and completely unacceptable.

Does anyone here know if the above link may solve our problem?

Can someone send me the necessary files?

Is there someone the school tech people can contact for this?

Am I asking enough annoying questions?

Many thanks for your time,


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