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i'm about to install a new rev of csa, version i currently have 5.0 installed and i need to migrate up. anyone come across any issues that i should note before doing such a migration?

also, release notes states that the agent install will disable the Windows firewall. anyone running 5.2 and Windows firewall ?? any issues running both?


My update from 5.1 -> 5.2 went smooth. I did read the known bug pages before hand. One thing you need to realize about that though, is that its a cumulative of all known bugs with CSA. So, just tread cautiously, but I believe your upgrade will go smooth.

With regards to the firewall, that has been a known bug since 4.0. I would suggest just running the firewall rule sets with CSA vs. the Windows provided. You may find it more flexible in regards to ports and a security stance as a whole.

Hope this helps



I had a problem with prepare_40_migration.exe and prepare_51_migration.exe not creating the .XML files or registering the software updates.

A workaround is documented in Bug ID CSCsi50901 (CSA 5.2 Migration Tool Doesn't Create migration_data_export.xml)

Basically you just run the tool from a command prompt.



Can anyone point me to any documentation for upgrading to CSA 5.2? We've got about 600+ agents running 5.0, and I want to make sure we don't lose all the work we've done already.

Is the agent upgrade possible using the "Software Update" feature, or is that only for hotfixes of the same version (ie, only available for updates to 5.0, not another version like 5.1 and 5.2)?


Ok, I did find the documentation for upgrading to 5.2 for MC, and it talks about migrating in there.

My real question would then be, what would need to be done to ensure a backup plan? IE, what needs to be done if we need to roll back to 5.0? I would guess we'd just keep a backed up copy of the DB, un-install 5.2, re-install 5.0 pointing it to the restored DB? Then I'm not sure if we'd do the same "migration" steps to bring the config data back into 5.0 or if it wouldn't be necessary? We've been doing weekly exports of our configuration data, would just importing that suffice?


Since you have 2k and VMS on the 5.0 MC I'm guessing it's a separate server migration to 2003?

Make a disk image of the old server before running the migration tool. Then you can restore completely if you have problems.

You don't lose anything on the old server, it just adds a software update and exports the config data so you can import it to the new server.

You can then schedule the software update for hosts to test and they move automatically.

Local or remote db?


This project was just kind've dumped in my lap yesterday, so I didn't read thoroughly enough then...

Yes, this will be a server switchover, as well as a DB switchover (remote using 2000 right now, but organization is pushing towards 2005).

I think I understand everything now, I would make a disk image in case, but even then I'm not worried too much. Only have 2 remaining issues/questions...

1. How long can migration be spread out? I want to run only a few agents in 5.2 for a few days in case we get some big bugs, plus our organization is big on back out planning and testing. I want to make sure running these two concurrently won't make things crazy.

2. In the install notes (specifically the same system upgrade), it says to un-install 5.0, then re-install "that same system". Does this mean I need to un-install 5.0 on the 2k server and then re-install it on the 2k server? "That same system" is a bit confusing...

and remote DB.


Digging a little into my second question, it appears that it wants CSA 5.0 installed on the Windows 2003 server. Is this because CSA 5.2's install detects the old version and starts installing 5.1?

If possible, I'd rather just leave 5.0 on the 2k server, do a fresh 5.2 install on the new 2k3 server, and import from there. But, I'd rather be sure the data is able to be brough over to the new CSA version.


You don't need to do anything to the old server except run the migration tool from the new server when you are ready.

You can take as long as you want to migrate.

If I was you, I'd do a dry run on some VM servers to get comfortable with it. You can import your current config to a 5.0 VM MC and then do the fresh install for a 5.2 VM MC. You can use a 3rd VM for your SQL.

Then you'll know what to expect....

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