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FWSM - Change context ACL Partition




After going through pretty much every document I could find on ACL-Paritions, I have a few questions I couldn't find answers to.


I have inherited 2 old 6500 switches with FWSM (in fail-over) - each FWSM with 12 contexts and 5 partitions. I have 1 partition which is completely full at the moment. There are 2 contexts on this partition, one fairly huge and a smaller one.


There is another partition to which I could move the smaller context.


1; If I change the value of "allocate-acl-partition X" on the fwsm to move a context, does it take effect immediately, or after a full FWSM or context reload?


2; I'm assuming this should be done on the FWSM on both switches at the same time?


3; Other related question; some of my partitions are "Exclusive" and one is "Non-exclusive". What would the difference be? I couldn't find documentation on this. My guess is that non-exclusive partition can host partitions for which the partition is non explicit ("allocate-acl-partition X") while to use an exclusive partition, you must set the partition to use in the context?


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