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How to get NAC Agent Pop-UP during Assessment

We have a three site NAC installation with two managers and servers at each location.  We have a number of individuals who log in via VPN and are given posture assessments via the windows NAC Agent.  We had tried to get SSO to work but just couldn't make it work....all of our users are authenticated via a link between our ASA and Active Directory so what we have done is to enter the MAC address for each laptop/workstation into a filter on the NAC managers and specified that the MAC addresses need to be checked for compliance and then let throught if they are compliant.  This works fairly well, however, we've had numerous complaints that users don't know what is going on when they connect....they connect via the VPN and there is no indication that anything has happened until they actually complete the assessment...they are then notified that they have been found either compliant or  not compliant.

   Our customer has requested that we try to find a way for there to be some sort of pop-up window when they connect to the NAC so they know there is an assessment going on in the background.  They DO get a pop-up if for some reason they did not authenticate through the ASA or if their MAC address is not in our filter list but if all of that works well they get nothing.  The process can take a few minutes (the assessment) so we WOULD like to find a way to have a pop-up if we can.  I've reviewed the options in the NACAgentConfig.xml file and can't really find anything that would do this.

   Anyone have any ideas?  Thanks.


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