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Integration of ASA Firewall into CS-MARS

Level 1
Level 1

I would  like to integrate Cisco ASA firewall devices into CS-MARS. As in cisco document recommends to have admin access to ASA firewalls.

There are some political issues & problem getting admin access credentitals to ASA firewall devices. I wanted to check whether anyone tried integrating ASA Firewall without admin user/password, as we dont want CS-MARS to send automatic commands to firewalls. Can anyone advice or assit on this please. Thanks.

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Scott Fringer
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

CS-MARS does not need credentials in order to successfully receive and parse events forwarded from your ASA.  The credentials are useful for gaining additional insight into network topology and other details such as NAT translation tables.

CS-MARS will not send commands to a mitigation devices without authorization from a user that makes use of the mitigation suggestion feature; and even then for layer-3 mitigation devices, you must cut-and-paste the commands to the remote device.  This cannot be automated within the CS-MARS configuration.


Hi Scott,

Thanks for your prompt response. Small query, it asks for login, Password and enable password when you attempt to add Cisco ASA. As you mentioned, CS-MARS does not require any login credentials, would it work if I dont provide any login/password information here. If so then I can go ahead & talk to my management to take this task further. Thanks.

You will need to select an access type and enter credentials - they can be dummy values.  You will then want to use 'Next' and not 'Discover' to complete the addition of the ASA (discovery will of course fail with invalid credentials)