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Locking Two Ports to One MAC Address


I would like to configure my SG200-26 (firmware version switch so that ports 1 and 2 will accept only my laptop's MAC. Ports 1 and 2 are in the same VLAN.

I attempted this by taking these two steps:

  1. Creating a static, permanent entry under MAC Address Tables --> Static Addresses
  2. Creating an entry under Security --> Port Security. I have tried these two types of locks:
    1. Classic Lock
    2. Secure Permanent Lock, with a maximum address count of 1

However, it seems that a given MAC address may be associated with no more than one port.

Is there a way to accomplish what I desire?

Thank you!

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Philip D'Ath

You need to configure a MAC address filter.  Those post has some info on doing it.

Unfortunately, I don't believe this quite addresses it. The references describe the usual scenario of configuring a port to accept a specific MAC (or MACs), and where those MAC(s) are not expected to appear on any other port.

My case is slightly different. I move my laptop between my office and my dining room. The office Ethernet jack is connected to switch port 1, and the dining room Ethernet jack is connected to switch port 2. I want *both* ports 1 and 2 to accept my laptop's MAC and no others. Getting the switch configured to do this is where the problem lies.

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