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Logon Denied Windows 10

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Hi Team,

There's a weird issue where users after locking their screens ,they are unable to log in back at some point.

This is the error:

Logon Denied

Only one user session is allowed.

Another user is already logged onto this machine


Keep in mind this is the same user that is trying to log in back.....


I've found some errors in Dart under nam:

7764: Hostname: Oct 11 2018 16:47:27.162 -0400: %NAM-3-ERROR_MSG: %[tid=3944]: Internal error 11, contact software manufacturer

126: Hostname: Oct 12 2018 21:03:47.927 -0400: %NAM-3-ERROR_MSG: %[tid=3880][comp=SAE]: NET (3) ***ERROR: S_netOsSsidScan( net->ifIndex(1)): WLAN.Scan returned 170(0xAA)

0: Hostname: Oct 12 2018 09:05:18.760 -0400: %NAMUI-3-ERROR_MSG: %[tid=4100]: NAM API (AdapterList): Unexpected multiple mediaTypes in one linkStateNotification


Any help would be appreciated!

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Are the affected users remote? Working wired or wirelessly, and connecting via AnyConnect?


Are those the only NAM errors shown in Dart?


Do the Windows event logs show anything significant on the client machines regarding the login failures?

Users do use Cisco Anyconnect and they are either wired or wireless.

These are the only errors that I see under Nam.

Well multiple of them but the same errors.

For the windows logs I'll have to check next week.

Just for clarification - are they unable to log back into Windows from the Windows logon screen?

There is some history online on the Microsoft forums regarding this problem with Cisco AnyConnect installed where AnyConnect keeps a session.  Proposed solution is the following:


Change the following key in the registry:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\Credential Providers\

Set EnforceSingleLogon to 0


I tried checking my own registry and did not find this key, but perhaps the affected users have it on theirs?


Here's the link to the referenced post:


Also check out this thread, last post suggests same fix with further info:





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