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Network Admin departing

Philip Nevins
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Level 1

Im looking for a quick way to delete the admin's username and change the admin passwords on quite a few infrastructure devices. Does anyone know a good way to speed this up without having to hit each device? Im looking at terrterm pro but wanted to see if there were any  better solutions for scripting this work somehow..

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Level 7
Level 7


I think Penguinet can do some of what you are asking for.

However setting up AAA would be a quicker way to change stuff like this but still you would have to have local accounts incase the AAA server is down or not within contact.

if it is a router or switch with the ability to do TCL scripts you can also use that to help you out.

on the subject of admins or for that matter persons leaving.

In my personal opinion, parting as "friends" are the best security measure you can do.

NEVER flaunt misstrust or treat the parting admin with disrespect or behind their backs or anything like that.

If you do, then you are sadly missunderstanding how people act and react.

If you think changing the passwords and locking the parting admin/person out mitigates the security threat let me tell you it does not. The information he/she/they have in their brains about the layout, access-lists, how things are connected, passwords of services and so on.

You do not want that information in the wrong hands. company espionage is a big market.

Good luck