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Network traffic identification

Hi guys, i need some technical details or insights about....

we have set-up a cisco anyconnect client access for our RA VPN users with FMC.

The VPN client connects from outside as it should be, and from corporate LAN as well. Now my question is if a user sitting in a corporate lan and connects to the vpn and does his everyday activity in that case the user laptop has two ip addresses :

1) Corporate LAN ip add 

2) VPN subnet ip add

How does the bandwidth gets affected in that sense, the machine will use which network to traverse traffic ?

how we can identify which network is being used by the machine?

not so good explanation. hope u understands .

VIP Expert

The question here is why would the user connected to a VPN when they are in LAN?



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Thanks balaji for your reply..

Users are not connected, infact they dont know about it.

I observed the vpn gets connected if we connect internally. it just came to my mind while i was travelling what if we connect the vpn internally and work normally does the bandwidth gets affected in any way.

Also the priority of traffic traversing if the laptop is connected with lan cable and vpn as well, and the second scenario is the laptop connected to corporate wifi and vpn simultaneously. 

Does the bandwidth in any case degrades?


Personally my advice, the user should not connect to the VPN when they Plug into Local Lan,  make sure you check the configuration and deployment method - it should detect the Lan ? is this any connect configured always on?


Does the bandwidth in any case degrades?

end the network flows are same, either user login from VPN or Lan, they use same internet connection to

egress and ingress.


make sure you deploy correctly if not you need more anyconnect licenses than normal.




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Yes ur right.. 


VPN is not connecting automatically.. LAN cable is working fine. If the user connects proactively in that case it gets connected.

I had disabled it via corporate access.

Appreciate ur insights.


Sure that is not the best design, that makes a lot of u-turns to get to network, and you see more trouble.


anything we can help, if not we mark as a solution.




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