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Post upgrade to 7.0(1), no PDM


Hi recently did an IOS upgrade on my PIX 525 256 MB RAM with 16 MB flash requirements.

Post Flash upgrade to 7.0 from originally installed 6.3, I am unable to access PDM.

Attempts to install ASDM also fail citing reasons of insufficient space. RAM shows 76% free. Is this flash showing insuffcient space?

The version I am trying to innstall is "asdm-501.bin".

For upgrading my 6.3 to 7.0 I have followed this article in letter :

...Please advise

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A bit more on the earlier problem, wonder why there are no edit options or I fail to see them.


Recently upgraded my Cisco PIX 525 from Version 6.3 to version 7.0 (4).

Upgrade was done in accordance with steps mention in this article and was successful:

The current "sh ver" command output is:

Cisco PIX Security Application Software Version 7.0(4)

System Image file is "flash:/image.bin"

Hardware: PIX 525, 256 MB RAM

Flash: 16 MB

BIOS Flash: 32kb


"Sh flash" output is:

Directory of Flash :/

4 -rw- 2748 downgrade.cfg

7 -rw- 5286296 image.bin

11 -rw- 5437440 image

16128000 bytes total (5294080 bytes free)


"sh mem" displays free memory 77% and used memory as 23%


When I try to upgrade asdm by giving the command copy tftp flash and specify filename asdm-501.bin from source to destination from my tftp server, after downloading the file for a few seconds, console returns an error message:

"% error copying tftp:// /asdm-501.bin (Not enough space on device)

Also, PDM has stopped working post upgrade to Version 7.0. Seems like my flash memory is full.

Any advise o what to do here??

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