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Problem with CSPM 3.1(2)S26

I just received the update in regards to 3.1(2)S26 update for the IDS.

The update for the IDS sensor was smooth and installed with no problems. I then proceeded to update the CSPM signature file on the NT Server. Everything seemed fine with the install and gave no notification of any errors. I then went into the Signatures menu to enable the new signatures however they were not listed! I checked the pulldown that enables the filtering for only signatures by version, the 3.1(2)S26 option was available yet no new signatures are present.

I then went into the new file with wordpad and noticed something odd. The new signature numbers are listed in the appropriate category however the signature entries for all the new signatures were not even present in the file

Here is the code which links the individual signatures to the proper version :



Name = "3.1(2)S26"

Parent = "3.1(2)S25"

Signatures = 3707, 3714, 5275, 5276, 5277, 5278, 9015, 9016,

9017, 9018, 9019, 9020


The "Signatures" line contains all the new signatures for the update. That is good however try searching for the new signatures themselves, they are not in the file.

For example : there are 6 new backdoor signatures in this update however, the last backdoor signature in the file is 9014 and ends there.

Hope this helps to remedy the problem with the update. Thanks again Cisco for the continued support and updates on this product.


Re: Problem with CSPM 3.1(2)S26

There was a problem with the original S26 CSPM package.

A new one has been created that fixes the problems that you describe. It is located at:

This file will also make its way to CCO shortly.

Thanks for the input and sorry for any inconvience.

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