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Reachability problem with across FWSM

Hi All,

Please I need some help. I am unable to reach some devices in a particular VLAN accross the FWSM. Funny thing is I am able to reach other devices in the same VLAN. It is as if certain host are allowed while some are blocked. Meanwhile I have access lists to permit all traffic, ip and icmp inbound and outbound on the FWSM.

Kindly check attached topology.

In the Topology, I have noticed that whenever we make DTR2 Root bridge for Vlan3, we lose connection to device and even DTR2

cannot ping using its VLAN4 interface but can ping it using another of its interfaces. We even put icmp captures on FWSM 2 VLAN4 interface when pinging but it  did not recieve any traffic from to

We are not using NAT Control

We have cleared xlate and configured xlate-bypass but poblem still exists.

On FWSM 2 there is a default route to the DTR2 VLAN 4 HSRP Gateway ( for which DTR2 is active).

Whenever I make DTR1 the root bridge all works well.

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