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The SGT "ANY", predefined on ASA, does not work

I have built a TrustSec infrastructure, assigning SGT to all users connecting via wireless, wired or VPN.

On the ASA, where the Anyconnect clients connect, the ISE assigns an SGT to each users, as expected.

Now, on this ASA I've configured an access-list (in the outbound direction towards the inside network) using the SGTs: it works well until I use the SGTs assigned dynamically by the ISE, and also those statically configured on the ASA.

I'd like to use the predefined SGT ANY, whose numeric value is 65535, but it does not work at all: when I use it in a access-list entry, the rule is never matched.

Is there anything I should know about that? Why is it present if it does not work?
Can anybody help me? It would be definitely useful to take advantage of this SGT.

Thanks in advance.

PS: A couple of remarks:

1) I noticed that this SGT ANY is ** not ** defined on the ISE, but I see it present both on the ASA and the WLC.

2) I didn't configure inline tagging on the ASA interfaces: there is a SXP connection between the ASA (speaker) and the ISE (listener), just to keep the ISE informed about the connected VPN clients.