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VPN Clients on Windows 2000

Currently we have a 3000 concentrator performing the authentication which also points to the dns servers. The problem is vpn client either personal dsl/cable modem or dial in through company isp do not get windows 2000 group policies (no mapped drives) or cannot see any network servers. Can only get to email


Re: VPN Clients on Windows 2000

hi dale ,

this problem will have its dependency on the routes that you have in the concentrator.

if you have enabled browser based configuration .. you can check the static routes ( or ospf etc..) that you have put in the concentrator . for all services to be available you need to have a route for all the subnets in your network. ( which should include your PDC, servers etc..)

Hope this helps


Re: VPN Clients on Windows 2000

We had this problem. Can they do a START->Run->\\ ? Although WINS in dynamic, it is not that dynamic. If you have WINS and DNS set up in your group on the 3000, this should pass these attributes on to your client. Are you using a address pool? You will need to make sure that once inside the private side, that these ip's can be routed.


Re: VPN Clients on Windows 2000

HI Dale,

I've got a similar problem.

I have setup a 3015 concentrator with an internal testdatabase with 1 user, routes to my internal network and ...

I'm able to setup a VPN connection before a Windows logon, then logon to the domain to browse, connect to shares, read mail and so on WITH a DIAL-UP modem or ISDN connection.

If I try this with a braodband ADSL connection, I'm still abale to setyp the VPN connection before the logon, but then I'm logged on with cached information and I'm only able to ping all my servers and telnet our devices. I can't connect to shares and can't read mail.

At the moment I haven't got any idea why this is, but I had some tips and configurations to test and if i'm successful I'll be sure to let you know