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Ask the Expert- SD-WAN


VPN Concentrator 3000 IPSEC LAN-TO-LAN Stopped Tx

I have a VPN Concentrator 3000 with LAN-to-LAN DES-56 connections connected to it (Cisco PIX 506). Everything was working fine and then over the night something messed up on it. No settings were changed or anything.

First issue was anything using DHCP (getting IPs from the sites local PIX) couldn't be pinged or reach out through the Concentrator. It was only Thin Clients that didn't work. I could still ping the PIX, printers and desktop computers that were static set IPs. But this was happening at every site going through this Concentrator. The sites going through out MPLS network are fine.

I tried setting the Thin Clients to a static IP but still couldn't ping them.

I then decided to reboot the Concentrator, when it came back up all sites reconnected back to the Concentrator but now couldn't ping anything at the sites, not even the LAN IP of the PIX (or printers and desktops now). I power cycled a few of the sites PIXs but they still were not pingable even though the Concentrator showed they were connected.

I then decided to physical power cycle the Concentrator, it's back up and all sites are connected but none of the devices on the LAN side are reachable.

The Concentrator can ping the sites WAN IP but nothing on the LAN side going through and out the Concentrator. It can ping the LAN through the private interface (going back towards my LAN) just not going through the public interface (over the WAN).

The sessions show that Bytes are Rxing but no Bytes are Txing.

Any ideas?

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