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Which 8x1-router should I use?


Hi! I have the following project to realize. 5 locations should be connected over the internet. A first draft of a network-diagram you can find on (soory, in german). Three branches (at the right) all have a single POS (PointOfSale)-system, and sometimes one other PC. These POS-systems should connect by a secure VPN to the server in the central office (upper left). And I (lower left) have to have remote access to all POS-systems and the central server. The POS-net will exchange SQL-server-data. All 'normal' PCs have to get access to the internet, but not to the POS-net. Except the PC in the central office, that one should be able to connect to the central server _and_ the internet, and my PC should be able to connect to the POS-VPN and the internet.

For different reasons, I can't use dedicated VPN-PC-router, so the Cisco-routers have to establish the VPN all by themselves.

My question: what Router can accomplish these tasks, and still be affordable. When I take two 871w for the central office and for me, and 831 or 851 for the branch offices, it is cheaper than placing 871 everywhere.

Can someone help me? (answer can be technical, I am CCNA, but without much practise...)

thanx in advance,


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The main problem with using 851s for the branch offices in this setup is I'm not sure if the built-in switch has VLAN support. Look over the 871 and 851 datasheets, and note the "managed switch" lines: (VLAN support = YES) (VLAN support = ???)

Also, remember that while the cost of the 851s is lower, you will have different devices in the field and will be running different IOS versions, which raises Cost of Ownership in the long run. But that will be a business decision.

I would definatley not recommend the 831, since it is much older and don't think there's any cost savings.

OK, you're right. I definitely need the VLAN feature, at most in the branch-offices (right side of my drawing).

Since the 831 and the 851 both doesn't have VLANs, I will need 5x a 871, two of them 871w.

But: can the 871 build a VPN all by himself? That is now my main question...

Thanx again!

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