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Community Manager

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Welcome to the Cisco Support Community Ask the Expert conversation. This is an opportunity to learn and ask questions of expert Karthik Natarajan about how to troubleshoot various components of Cisco Server Control Solution products including Cisco SCE 2000 Series Service Control Engine, Cisco SCE 8000 Series Service Control Engine, Cisco Service Control Subscriber Manager (SCMS SM), Cisco Service Control Collection Manager (SCMS CM), Cisco Service Control Application for Broadband (SCA BB). Karthik Natarajan is a manager in the Edge Routing Business Unit. He works on worldwide escalations about Cisco Service Control Engine Solutions. Natarajan has been associated with Cisco for more than 11 years working in several engineering positions in NMS and LAN Switching Technologies. He holds a bachelor's degree in computer sciences and engineering from Bharath Institute of Technology at Chennai, India. He also holds CCNP certification.

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John Ventura
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Karthik. I have a question. What is the maximum number of IP addresses that can be assigned to a subscriber per SCE chassis?

- John

Hi John,

The maximum number of IP mappings per subcriber are as follows,

In SCE 8000,

           for Standalone mode, we can have 1024 Pure IP mappings. If Private IP mapping, the limit is 200.

           for Cascase mode, we can have 200 Pure IP mappings. If Private IP mapping, the limit is 50.

In SCE 2020/1010 the numbers are same as SCE 8000, except that in Cascase mode, we can have 300 Pure IP mappings.

An IP mapping may be either a single IP address or a range of addresses.

But on the chassis wide as well, we have some restrictions on the mappings.

Device          Subscribers     IP Addresses     IP Ranges

SCE 8000     1,000,000        1,000,000          250,000

SCE 2020     200,000          200,000             >7900

SCE 1010     100,000          100,000             >7900

The above limits are specified by the SCOS, but actual numbers would be less because of higher subscriber context size.


Karthik N.

Marianna Coelho
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Karthik, Do you know how many anonymous subscribers can be in a SCE chassis? When are N/A subscribers changed to anonymous subscribers?

Thank you


good afternoon

i need to know to whom a can turn to for the replacement of a team wap200 and what the warranty covers???


Hi Mayandi,

I would recommend you to get in touch with our Cisco Technical Support team, so that they can verify and confirm if replacement is required, and also guide you on the replacement process.

Cisco Technical Support site:


Karthik N.

Hi Marianna,

The amount of anonymous subscribers suppoerted per SCE chasssis is only 80,000 (common for both SCE 2020 & SCE 8000).

On a whole the SCE 2020 can hold max of 200K subs and SCE 8000 can hold a maximum of 1M subscribers.

Each traffic processor has a rate limit for creating new anonymous subscribers.

In SCE 2020, the rate limit is 60 new anonymous subscriber per second per traffic processor, the rate is enforced with a granularity of 100 milli seconds. In practice it is 6 per 100 milli seconds. Overall, we get a maximum rate of 180 anonymous subscriber per second on the SCE2000.

In SCE 8000, the rate was the same as in SCE2000 before SCOS release 3.6.0 and from SCOS release 3.6.0, it has been increased to 360 subscribers per second.

Unlike the SCE 2020, with the SCE 8000 the granularity is in seconds and the limit per TP is 30 new anonymous subscriber per seconds (15 per second prior to 3.6.0).

For example with SCE 8000 running SCOS release 3.6.0, let's say we have specific second where traffic processor #6 opened 30 anonymous subscribers already and now comes a flow for the 31st new subscriber side IP, the rate cannot be breached so the flow is mapped to the 'N/A' subscriber.

The traffic processor #6 will only try to create the anonymous subscriber (for that 31st subscriber side IP address) upon seeing a new flow from that same Subscriber side IP.

Hope this clarifies your query.


Karthik N.

Hi Karthik,

Is there any communication from SCA BB Console to CM during the apply? How does the SCA BB Console learn about CM IP address?



Hi Lisa,

When a service configuration is applied to a SCE device from SCA BB console, following steps happen (with respect to Collection Manager),

      1) SCA BB console would collect the IP address of Collection Manager server from SCE device (by reading the RDR formatter destinations). All RDR formatter destinations (other than the loopback IP address) would be checked if the destination is Collection Manager.

      2) It would then connect to Collection Manager, and get the database details.

      3) Connect to database, and update the INI_VALUES table with details on applied service configuration. For more details on table enties, you can refer to SCA BB Reference Guide (

      4) The SCA Reporter or Insight would use the mappings contained in the table for generating appropriate reports.


Karthik N.

Level 1
Level 1

Hi Karthink

  I have a cisco 2801 router and I want to connect two ADSL links on it and balance the load but not that kind of IOS that team would need or if I would be useful?



Hi Marisol,

I'm not an expert on the WAN routing topic, so I may not be able to answer your query. But I would suggest you to take a look at the ADSL configuration examples which will provide options required for your scenario. You may also post this query under the more appropriate 'WAN, Routing and Switching' community for support from other members.

Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) Configuration Examples and TechNotes

Cisco Support Community - WAN, Routing and Switching


Karthik N.

NTT Security
Level 1
Level 1

Off topic.  How can I pull up the rules associated with the object_group on an ASA ver 8.2?


Welcome to Cisco Support Forums.

To get the list of rules associated with Object Groups, you can use the following commands,

show access-list - Shows the ACL and the associated hit counter for each line. This command shows the expanded ACL entries for each object group defined.

show running-config object-group - Displays the current object groups by their group ID.

Hope this helps. If not, you may post this query under the 'Firewalling' community as well.

Cisco Support Community - Firewalling


Karthik N.

Level 1
Level 1


I want to know more about the diagnostic capabilities of the SCE 8000.

We want to test SPA,SIP, SCM cards in our lab, what will be the correct procedure ? does cisco provide any documentation about this ?

For example we are getting common errors from the field deployed SCEs' SIP boards always the problematic one is SPA3. How could this be possible on 6 different SCE devices, and also error is common always.


Hi Gurcan,

In SCE 8000, we do have a procedure for running hadrware diagnostics. It would check the status of different hardware components in the data path. The procedure could be only shared via the Cisco Technical Support team, so I would suggest you to get in touch with Cisco TAC. Also, to run this test the device should be taken out of network i.e., no outside traffic to be flowing through the device.


Karthik N.