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ASR1006 RMA and replace Route Processor 2

Hi Friends,


we have met a hardware issue of R0 about ASR1006,so we decided to replace it.But,i have some problem about replace the Route Processor 2.Because i did not replace it before this time.

Could you please help me to check it?


My plan as below:

1\ I know the Route Processor 2 support OIR and NSF when ASR1006 RP running SSO mode (Our ASR's RP under this mode).

2\ I have to remove the issue part on ASR1006.The Standby Route Processor will be active role.

3\ Then,i will insert the RMA part to ASR1006, it should be enter standby mode after i insert it on ASR1006(if the RMA part software version match with online Route Processor).

The replaced Route Processor may enter "unknow" status if the software mismatch with online route processor,in this situation, we need copy image from online route processor to tftp server,and "Ctrl + Break" the RMA router processor when it is booting.Then,we can upgrade the image to RMA part,we can use boot command to boot the RMA part after image upload finished.

4\ Finally,we can use "show platform" command to check the status of route represent normal if output display active and standby of route processors.


So,Here is my plan,please help me to check whether have some mistakes?

Do you have some experience about replace route processor of ASR1006, Would you like share it to me?


Thanks a lot ~

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