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End of Life

Hi!I am looking for End-of-Life/Support information related to the following and couldn't find anything online:C891F-K9 RouterASR-920-12CZ-A RouterISR4431/K9 RouterCould somebody please point me in the right direction (as we are currently performing ...

paulcm by Beginner
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Flexible Cross-Connect Service: Local Switching for BNG

Hello, I have three ASR 9003 that will be BNG with redundancy. They will also be core int the network. Now I am running SR-MPLS and BNG, with alot of distribution routers (NCS 540). They are running SR-MPLS, ISIS and BGP. All the cusomer can choose f...

Resolved! Internet Access

Hello My ISP suggests to me two senarios as I can provide Internet to our datacenter. Can someone help me to understand the diffrence between the two solutions (I know tha for the first one I have some BGP configuration to add in the client device (m...

How to Learn TO CCNP-SP

Hi guys.After I get my CCNP-enarsi certification I`m interested in the SP zone (SPRI and SPVI).In my search for any books or courses, I was not able to find something organized. So my request from you is what your learning way to the CCNP-SP?Any book...

Erel20 by Beginner
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Cisco IOS XRv 9000 Missing GigabitEthernet Interfaces(GNS3 emulator)

Hello everyone, I ran into a problem in the GNS3 network emulator. The problem is that when you start Cisco IOS XRv 9k as a qemu image, the version of which is older than 6.0.1, then qemu lacks all network interfaces except Mg0. Having written to the...