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CCNP Service Provide Prerequisite

I recently commpleted my CCNP R&S certification (within the last couple of weeks). This means I passed the ROUTE Exam in the process (which was part of the now-retired CCIP certification).

I now wish to get CCNP SP.

When looking at the CCNP SP certification track I noticed it had a CCIP to CCNP SP conversion tool.

It basically states that if I have done the ROUTE Exam I only have to do:




Basically I can skip the SPROUTE exam.

I have a few queries on this:

  • Does it matter when I sat my ROUTE exam (i.e. if it was before or after CCIP was retired from the career track) - if not, it would imply that anyone with a CCNP R&S can get CCNP SP with the above 3 exams .... essentially meaning the the ROUTE exam is interchangeable with the SPROUTE exam for CCNP SP.

  • Does this mean I do not have to get CCNA SP (the prerequisites state the CCNA R&S + 1 CCIP Exam is enough)

  • I'm sure this has been asked before but are there any Cisco Press publication designed expressly for CCNP SP. I assume the CCIP books will not do, because it is (by definition) a different certification. Alternatively, has anyone produced a list of books that one could buy (followed by the relevant chapters to read) that cover the topics in CCNP SP?

Apologies if I am posting this in the wrong forum, however any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Re: CCNP Service Provide Prerequisite

You pretty much have got all your answers in the CCIP -> CCNP:SP conversion tool page and in the Cert manager.

  • It doest not matter when you sat the exam and yes, as of right now the ROUTE is interchangeable with the SPROUTE in the context of CCNP:SP. However it doesnt mean that everyone with an active CCNP:RS can benefit from it, for example I did my CCNP:RS with the BSCI 624-801 exam which are not interchangable with SPROUTE. I would however recommend having a look at SPROUTE anyways to get the XR part of the IGPs.

  • Correct. You won't get credited for CCNA:SP though, you just skip the prerequirement.
  • The recommended books for CCIP are definately there for CCNP:SP too, with some additions. Its not a HUGELY different cert. I used this awesome post as reference for materials when doing mine and its pretty spot on:

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