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Cisco STA1520

I'm on Cox Cable in Phoenix and I have three Cisco STA1520 tuning adapters.  In July of 2020 something happened and my tuning adapters started rebooting several times a day.  When this happens it cancels my recordings and interrupts my feed for about 10 minutes.  All three tuning adapters (in different rooms) boot together at the same moment.  I've spent countless hours with Cox and TiVo trying to resolve the issue. I've had Cox technicians at my location no less than a dozen times.  I've replaced all equipment, cables, and power cords with no improvement.  I'm a software developer and I noticed that the firmware version on the tuning adapters is STA1.0.0_1520_BDSG.LR_F.1601   It appears there is at least one newer firmware version.  I've had two trouble tickets over the last three weeks with Cox about the firmware and they have closed both without explanation. 

I have three questions:

1) Could the outdated firmware cause the tuning adapters to reset many times a day? 

2) I have access to the tuning adapter diagnostics page.  Is there an item that lets me know why it rebooted?

2) Is there any way that I could update the firmware myself?  I searched for instructions on this and couldn't find any.


Any help is appreciated.

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Just found this thread as I was pulling my hair out for 2 years now WITH THE SAME PROBLEM!  I'm with Prix (which I "super affectionately" call Cox)

Since the FCC's ruling last year, cable companies no longer have to support Cable Cards nor Turning Adapters either.  My tuning adapter "reboots" about the same as yours does, 10 or more times a day. Replaced TA, cables, to no avail.  All this happened after I purchased a new Edge and now it's aggravating as hell.  So, I'm about to dump cable, which has waaaaaay more commercials than ever, I'll go with some streaming service. Over paying for cable commercials.