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Gainmaker / Line extender issue

I am working on a property that has 450 townhouses and after a recent power outage about 30 of the units lost cable service.  To troubleshoot i put my RF meter on the hardline before the GMLE and signal was perfect.   After the GMLE my signal is very erratic and inconsistent.  So I purchased a new GMLE (actually 4 of them since I'm having the same issue through an entire section of the property) and the new GMLE is doing the exact same thing.   Input signal level is 22 so I have a 6 value pad to bring my input level down to 16... my output level is fine one second on any given frequency and then non existent on that same frequency just a moment later.  

I did find it odd that all 4 GMLE I purchased did not come with a "fwd in EQ" I had to use the ones out of the old units.  

Most parts of the property are working fine using the same GMLE's.


Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this would be extremely appreciated.  This is a very high profile and I need to get service back up to these units asap.

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