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How to remove a specific RADIUS attribute which the ISG sends in the Accounting-Request packet?

The ISG is running IOS-XE Version 16.6.4. 

We have a select number of radius-server attributes configured. However, the ISG is sending the radius attribute 151 in its Accounting-Request packet. In the packet and under the RADIUS Protocol > Attribute Value Pairs, their list AVP: t=PMIP6-Home-HN-Prefix(151) l=10 val=[invalid reserved byte for IPv6 prefix]. Below you can see a Radius Accounting-Request Packet with some attributes removed. 

RADIUS Protocol
    Code: Accounting-Request (4)
    Packet identifier: 0xcd (205)
    Length: 430
    Authenticator: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    [The response to this request is in frame 153]
    Attribute Value Pairs
        ... other attributes removed ...
        AVP: t=PMIP6-Home-HN-Prefix(151) l=10 val=[invalid reserved byte for IPv6 prefix]
            Type: 151
            Length: 10

Attribute 151 is the attribute I would like to remove or exclude from sending.

The IOS does not list the radius attribute 151 so that we can exclude, below are the ios command output

isg(config)#radius-server attribute ?
  11           Filter-Id attribute configuration
  188          Num-In-Multilink attribute configuration
  218          Address-Pool attribute
  25           Class attribute
  30           DNIS attribute
  31           Calling Station ID
  32           NAS-Identifier attribute
  4            NAS IP address attribute
  44           Acct-Session-Id attribute
  55           Event-Timestamp attribute
  6            Service-Type attribute
  60           CHAP-Challenge attribute
  61           NAS-Port-Type attribute configuration
  66           Tunnel-Client-Endpoint attribute
  67           Tunnel-Server-Endpoint attribute
  69           Tunnel-Password attribute
  77           Connect-Info attribute
  8            Framed IP address attribute
  95           NAS IPv6 address attribute
  list         List of Attribute Types
  nas-port     NAS-Port attribute configuration
  nas-port-id  Nas-Port-Id attribute configuration
  wireless     Radius wireless attributes

Does anyone have any idea about how to exclude radius attribute 151?



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