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How we can chcek reasons of failed calls over PGW or MGW


Dear All

We are using PGW 2200 in Signalling mode with AS5400 as MGW to terminate call over TDM/PSTN. Can anybody let me know how we can check "why attempted call failed or reason of failed call from MGW level or PGW level.

Here one thing i want to know we are not using any RADIUS server for log or billing. Please tell me how wecan chcek why & where call faield on MGW or PGW or far end operator side with reason.i chcked few document but no comnads i found to check failed reason of attempted calls..

Please help me with this info.


Amit--. .


Dirk Christeaens

Hi Amit,

On the voice gateway you can use the command "show call history voice" to look for the relevant call and it will also tell you the disconnect cause/reason, and may give an indication whether the call disconnected from VoIP side or TDM side. If you don't find the call in there it means that the call didn't reach the voice gateway in the first place. Depending on the call direction this means the call dropped in the PSTN, or in the PGW, or in the rest of the VoIP network.

If you suspect the PGW, there is no quick and easy command to check why a particular call dropped. Probably the best approach in that case is to capture the problematic call in a Unix snoop trace, making sure you capture the ISUP as well as the ISDN leg of the call and then analyze the trace using Wireshark.

More advanced PGW call tracing can be done using the MML "sta-sc-trc" command, but to interprete the resulting call trace you may need the PGW expertise of a TAC engineer.


Dirk Christeaens

HI Drik

Thanks for your reply. I dialed one number which was busy & hence call failed as Busy. NOw as per your post ran show voice call history command  or brief. on this im unable to find that call which failed as busy b4 2 mins.

Can you please explain more with example how i can search over MGW?



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