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L2TPv3 over IPv6 on ASR990x

Hello everyone,

I am just trying to configure L2TPv3 over IPv4, but according to the doc it is supported only on 100G linecards. So now i am trying to run it over IPv6 on ASR9k between two A9ks according to the:


! attachment circuit for test purposes

interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0/47.123 l2transport
 description * c1
 encapsulation default
 pw-class l2tpv3_class
  encapsulation l2tpv3
   protocol l2tpv3
 xconnect group grp_1
  p2p vlan1
   interface GigabitEthernet0/2/0/47.123
   neighbor ipv6 <remote-loopback-ipv6> pw-id 2000
    pw-class l2tpv3_class
    source <some-nonexisting-ipv6-address-as-required>
    l2tp static
     local cookie size 0
     local session 1
     remote cookie size 0
     remote session 1



Now, when I start to generate traffic I can see it on the Bundle between ASRs. None of it however arrives at the AC subinterface and possibly not even on the remote pseudowire:


PW: neighbor <loopback>, PW ID 2000, state is up
    PW class l2tpv3_class, XC ID 0x220000e
    Encapsulation L2TPv3, protocol none
    Source address <hidden>
    PW type Ethernet, control word disabled, interworking none
    PW backup disable delay 0 sec
    Sequencing not set
    LSP : Up
    Load Balance Hashing: src-dst-ip

    L2TP class not set, IPv6 source address <hidden>
    TOS 0 (reflect disabled), TTL 255, DF bit not set
    Path MTU: disabled
      L2TPv3           Local                        Remote                      
      ---------------  ---------------------------- ---------------------------
      Session          1                            1                           
      Cookie size      0  bytes                     0  bytes                    
      Cookie           unassigned                   unassigned                  
      ---------------  ---------------------------- ---------------------------
    Create time: 08/08/2018 12:35:06 (01:07:32 ago)
    Last time status changed: 08/08/2018 12:35:06 (01:07:32 ago)
      packets: received 0, sent 122488754
      bytes: received 0, sent 185447973556
      drops: out of sequence 0, other 0


Am I missing something? I do not see any drops in np counters and I am sending untagged traffic.

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