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L4 Redirect-CaptivePortal-DHCP-Radius Attributes

Hello Everyone,

I have the below problem with configuration described below.The project is actually ready, we have configured basic routing.Please help

Descripion: There is an ASR1006 Router in the network that serves as an Intelligent Service Gateway (ISG). Subscribers are layer 2 connected and subscriber sessions are initiated on a DHCP request. ISG is configured as a DHCP relay agent. Wi-Fi clients connect to the WLAN using Open SSID and are being redirected to a Web Portal where they enter their login info. This info is sent to RADIUS server which checks if the user is allowed to use Internet service. All the APs are connected o WLC using CAPWAP. The question is the following: there is a requirement to track from which AP a particular Wi-Fi clients is connected. In this case ISG needs somehow to obtain AP’s mac address and send it to the Radius server (probably using attribute 30 – Called-station-id). One possible way for ISG to obtain AP’s  mac is via WLC. But the thing is that when WLC is configured as DHCP proxy and Option 82 is set, a wireless client does not obtain IP address via DHCP. In this particular case there two DHCP relay/proxy in the network path between client and DHCP server.

Wi-Fi client ---- AP ---- WLC (DHCP Proxy) ---- ISG (DHCP Relay) ---- DHCP Server.

Has anyone faced with such problem? Is there any other away for ISG to obtain AP’s mac address?

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