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pppoe and bng users session monitoring

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Level 1

hi Friends,
I have a need like this,
There are systems running on our BNG router topology with an average of 15 thousand subscribers.
We have difficulty monitoring these, we monitor the traffic with commands directly on the device and when there is a problem
Can you recommend software that I can use to control the instant traffic of pppoe and bng client users?
I would be very happy if you could share your suggestions and valuable experiences.
Thank you.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Try cnBNG, you can monitor all your subscribers on the grafana dashboard. Works with ASR9k


Currently, there are already 50 ASR1001-X in the production environment and they are working.
In this case, your suggestion is not a solution for us.


What we want is to be able to listen and watch pppoe sessions via Netflow using Grafana and different monitoring software.



Level 1
Level 1


As far as I understand, there are not very knowledgeable people on this platform, the platform seems to be unable to serve its purpose

and people are not helpful or he really has no information..

Over time, Cisco shifted its BNG focus away from solutions for both ASR1K/XE and ASR9K/XR, to focusing almost exclusively on ASR9K/XR, to a CUPS/TR-459 approach. If you look at the BNG presentations at CiscoLive! the last few years, there is no mention of the ASR1K anymore, with all the emphasis on 9K UP and cnBNG CP.

Where does that leave you? Contact your Cisco account team (or reseller/partner account team if you purchased your 50 ASR1001-X from a partner) and ask to be put in touch with the ASR1K product management team (PM/TME) to discuss your needs. You will get more attention if you have an impending product purchase or a renewal of a service contract coming up.

Disclaimer: I am long in CSCO