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Pankaj Palyekar

Relation of cisco wireless control and nomadix gateway

We have cisco wireless controller, 2960PoE switches, AIR-CAP700 series AP, 3850 core switch.


We have one WLAN ID under this we have created 3 data vlan or interface . Under each vlan we have assined AP's which signifies the physical location.

Apart from this we have Management, Redundancy-management, redundancy-port, service port, virtual vlan.

so its basically the 4 AP's Group, Default-group, out-of-box, abcd , xyx  (abcd & xyz we have created.)

So same way internet trafic is routed to the nomadix gateway. Under each (3 data vlan) interface or vlan we have mention the DHCP server as Nomadix Gateway address . So now each user is getting ip address from Nomadix. In nomadix also we have created vlan which matches the controller vlan. My question is 


1)How all user devices are getting ip address from same single nomadix pool, though this devices are on different vlan but under same SSID. According to my CCNA R & S knowledge, each vlan should have different subnet.

2)How this entire process happen at the background.

3)Please let me know the SSID which getting broadcasted and which is common to all is on management vlan, or locationwise it seats on that perticular vlan? so once we rich to that location and try to connect that perticular location AP, and after connecting to that SSID we directly get moved to that perticular data Vlan?




It's really confusing pls xplain


Note :- all the AP'S, poe switches, core switch, WLC on management vlan.