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Ring with multiple egresses

Today we have a fiber ring that houses our Layer 2 traffic with a single egress to the outside world. I'm trying to add an additional that will be primary for the closest nodes off the ring and redundant for everyone else. The single egress is on an ASR903 where it has an ASA5515 that does DHCP/NAT for the private traffic. To accomplish the additional egress, I'm adding another ASA5515 at the new egress point and moving the VLAN's associated with those nodes and the DHCP pools and NAT translation will be done there. My problem is I'm using a /24 network for public IP addresses. I would like to keep everyone with the same addresses but I haven't found a way to use both egress on the same /24 network. 

Has anyone been able to get this to successfully work? Let me know if you need configs of what I have now, and I can provide redacted information of what I'm trying to do. The ASR903 is doing a VLAN per bridge domain and the ME3800 will be straight VLANs. 

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