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SP Technologies Queries

Hello Friends,

How are you?


I request you to please advise me on my career in SP profile..

I am from Bangalore India CCIE SP i am into implementation profile like setting up L3vpn, OSPF Multicast upgrading ASR9K.. not in design profile.


my query is "I am working in SP profile since 13 years on skills like OSPF, BGP, MPLS, Multicast, QOS, IOS-XR,    so from now again if i still decide to stay on these skills further then my confusion here is that these skills are 20 years old technologies and whenever I take interview of 4 to 6 years of experience Candidates they were also able to give answers on these skills so what differences should seen between 4 years experience candidate and 13 years experience candidates.?    So basically what I need to do to keep myself worth to company since freshers or 4 to 6 years of candidates are easily available in market to hire in low salaries with above skills ? 


Please let me know if my query is not clear..


Please help me



Thank you…




Cisco Employee

Re: SP Technologies Queries

Hi Rocky1,

I hope I understood correctly your question.

It all depends on what you have been doing with these technologies or networking in general for the past 4-6 or 13 years, if I spent years enabling and disabling IS-IS on an interface, it doesn't mean I know IS-IS. But if you fully understand a protocol itself, its design, operation, and exposed yourself with different real-life implementation scenarios, etc, its a different story. And although these core technologies are 20+ years old, the networking world has evolved and today networks are a bit more complex and each implementation can bring different and exciting challenges.

Your company can leverage your X years of experience in designing, implementing, operating, and optimizing networks. Make sure you extend your skills with the networking trends such as DevOps, SDN, NFV, etc.

Also, we all different persons / engineers, my experience in networking will never the same as yours, so focus on updating your skills and have exposure as much as possible.

I hope it helps.

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