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The growth of the internet routing table + LISP

I have been challenged with the task of putting together a 15-20 minute presentation of how I might go about solving the problem of the growth of the internet routing table.

If I am understanding the question correctly - as the internet grows so will the number of IPv4 and (moreso) IPv6 prefixes that appear in the global internet routing table. This will mean that the PE and P routers in a Service Provider network will find themselves having to deal with more prefixes that will in turn increase the possibility of bogons interferring with proper routing and increase the load on the routers themselves.

Besides being a very open ended question, I am trying to look at it from the perspective of a Service Provider (whom I work for) and have come up with the following options (admittedly this is only after a quick google on the topic):

> Improvise in the short term by adjusting CAM table allocation

> Use selective hearing by filtering prefixes that are not important

> Use external assistance like LISP and DNS

> Spend Money and upgrading existing routers to handle the load

Obviously with only a 20 minute window I cannot talk about much and I would like the options to be innnovative and interesting. LISP seems like an interesting option and I would like to learn about it - however I am having trouble tracking down resources that give a basic introduction to exactly what and how LISP works (every time I try and search for it a get pushed to sites talking about the programming language ).

So this leads me to two questions:

1. Is there anything important, vital or interesting that I have not included in my quickly put together list above.

2. Is anyone aware for a good site/resource that explains LISP from a beginners/tutorial-type perspective.

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