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Traffic Policing on Service Provider Edge router.


I'm confused about the traffic policing on service provider edge router. Suppose I have taken internet bandwidth from my ISP and he says that they will give me 100 Mbps bandwidth burstable upto 1Gbps. What does that mean? what is burstable here?

I would appreiciate if anyone from service provider organization, can give a output of their edge router's running config. I just have to understand how the police our traffic. Here I'm talking about the Internet leased lines.

Rivalino Tamaela
Cisco Employee

Usually if we talk about policing or shaping, we mention about burst size to calculate time window for desired policing rate. It is the max size of packets that can be sent in that time window. Btw, i am not from service provider unfortunately



This is probably something you will have to get your service provider to answer. Different service providers use the term burst in a different context. Some SP's are "NICE' and will setup no policer or shaper and will purely monitor the link for fair use allowing you to exceed what you have purchased as long as you don’t abuse the privilege. Other Serves providers may setup a dual rate policer with a CIR and a PIR to achieve the same. a 3rd scenario is as explained above where the SP will setup a policer for 100Mb/s and then calculate the burst value at 1/8 of a second (or less in some cases) which allows your traffic to burst to full line rate for that time slice,

There are other scenarios but the point I’m trying to make is that service providers don’t all do this the same way which is why you should ask them what they mean and how long your traffic would be allowed to burst to line rate.


Thanks PJ for the answer. Could you please give me the configuration of Policing using CIR and PIR on Cisco device, considering that the ISP uses the second scenario as explained by you.