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Tunable DWDM Optics

Hi Guys,


I'm new to this community.


Recently I've been instructed to configure a Tunable DWDM Optic on an ASR9k 6.2.3 using a 20*10G MPA and we're having some issues. From the testing that we performed it came out that when you remove the optic without removing the DWDM configs, it stops working.

  • I tried swapping the Optics (both have the same wavelength settings) and they stopped working, no Tx power. Then, I removed completely the configs for these optics and started again from scratch and the same no Tx. Removed the configs, removed the Optic, plugged it in again and re-configured it but still no Tx.
  • Also, when you remove the Optic and Re-insert it back it stops working (no Tx power).

The thing is if you have a working optic and you shutdown the laser, remove the DWDM configs, remove the optic, re-insert the optic back and re-configure it then it works.


So the question is, how can we recover an Optic when it was removed without clearing the config first ?


I followed the following sequence when configuring a new Optic:
1) Shutdown the Physical Port (Te0/1/0/14) and commit
2) Controller DWDM -> admin-state out-of-service and commit
3) Controller DWDM -> wavelength settings and commit
4) Controller DWDM -> admin-state in-service and commit
5) Enabled the Physical Port (Te0/1/0/14) and commit




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