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VRF, mpls vpn ,need for mbgp

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Hi everybody

Please consider the above topology (click it for better viewing)

Above we are running OSPF  and mpls in our cloud. R4 and R1 are running eigrp between office1 ( R3), and office2 (R5) respectively.  We want R4 to advertises the route it just learned to R1 such that all P routers in cloud do not learn it.  we want R1 to advertise the route that it just learned via vrf eigrp to R3 such that all P routers do not learn it.  Do we have  to run mbgp between R4 and R1? or can we do it without mbgp between R4 and R1 ?

thanks and have a great weekend.

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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

If the network between R1 and R4 is mpls enabled it is better to use mp-bgp

Alternatively  you can use gre tunnel between those two rotuers and put it in the relevant vrf to exchange the routes

Hope this help

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